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Blood Separation:

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ErySep is designed for well-equiped transfusion centers and blood banks in larger cities as well as for village clinics, mobile hospitals, military service and disaster management.
The innovation ErySep is a 3-Bloodbag-System with integrated filter that is able to separate whole blood into the components plasma and red cell concentrate. The donation is done directly into the ErySep mother bag. Afterwards the separation is effected only by hanging the bag system ErySep on a special IV pole infusion stand – without using any centrifuges or separation devices.

Whole blood separated in Plasma and RC

  • Components of excellent quality.
  • Only with earth gravitation.
  • Cell free plasma.
  • RC with good HCT.

In about 60 minutes

Blood components in accordance with the guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components, Council of Europe publishing.

No technical systems necessary

  • No cost for centrifuges.
  • No cost for plasma extractors.
  • No cost for technical service.
  • No cost for clean room.
  • No electricity required.

Special design for multi use

  • ErySep wall stand (see the picture)
  • ErySep mobile stand (see the picture)

ErySep website!
Please visit at: www.erysep.com

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