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December 2017.

Lmb visited China: 28th Regional Congress of the ISBT in Guangzhou

On this ISBT congress we had a booth together with our longtime partner, company Shenzhen Ponted Bio-Med., LTD from Shenzhen, China.

We had the opportunity to meet end users from China and other customers from Asia, and to demonstrate our strength together with company Shenzhen Ponted, specially as the German manufacturer of their products.

There was a huge interest in the blood separator, FILTRAmatic and BAGMatic NOVO LS + SEALmatic C combination device.

During the Congress we had the chance to meet our partners from different Asian and European countries.

On the second day of the congress the Chairman of Blood Transfusion Organization visited the 5 most important booths, our booth was one of them. Mr. Jentsch was invited to have a talk with the Chairman and to be on the VIP picture in front of the booth.

It was a very successful event. Our products are totally accepted as well as our “PINK” company.

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