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November 2014.

Friendship in China

Lmb’s General Manager and Top Key Account Manager just returned from a visit to our partners in China. They always bring good news from China, however now it is a good point to take a moment and think of this prosperous strategic alliance.
Some brief numbers: the population accounts for around 1,4 billion Chinese. While there are around 50 larger transfusion centres in the larger cities, the country disposes of 250 medium sized and 50 smaller blood banks. The yearly number of blood donations adds up to 12 Million. The operation technology and surgerys are carried out on a considerably lower level than in Western industrial countries

The Forecast for the next 15 to 20 years predicts a substantial increase of operation quality and numbers coming along with an improving life standard also in more rural areas. This will have a direct effect on blood donations – if a 5% coverage can be reached, the number of yearly donations will account for 70 Million per year very soon.
Together with it premium partner Poted, Lmb has developed a very strong alliance for  Chinese blood transfusion activities and is now market leader in the separation technology in the country.  With a sales and service force of 80 colleagues Poted is a top player within the field of filtration documentation and other sophisticated technologies.
For more than 10 years our partnership with Poted is very fruitful and growing and we are being educated also in Chinese culture and cordial friendship, which we very much appreciate.

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